Music and Movement Flow<br>Maria Leone<br>Special 5060

Music and Movement Flow
Maria Leone
Special 5060

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Elena S
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Very beautiful!
Angela V
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It has everything…power, elegance, rhythm and fun! Thank you Maria 🥰
Grace, beauty, strength and power! Beautiful to watch- inspiring also!!
Carmen W
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Beautiful! Amazing!
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 Beautiful and amazing as the previous comments mentioned!
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Very beautiful. Wow
You did a beautiful job capturing the catharsis of Pilates movement.
Julie S
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That was so frigin awesome 👏🙌👏
Valerie  E
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Wow this was one of the coolest things I've seen done in Pilates. As an ex-dancer this was so enjoyable, bravo
This is amazingly gorgeous but is there a video where you can learn the moves step-by-step?
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