Creative Spine Corrector<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 507

Creative Spine Corrector
Leah Stewart
Class 507

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Another awesome class, thanks Leah! I love the way you cue!
Excellent class. Very creative. Smooth transitions and amazing cueing. Loved it!!
Leah this was just so excellent!! Very creative .I just purchased the contored spine correcter so this class came just in time. I am loving this piece of equiptment. Can't wait to show a few of these moves in my next class! Glad to have you back in your non preggo state doing reg classes! Oh and I loved the step down move from standing on corrector, even if i couldnt do it due to knee still not 100% from surgery. So I modifed it a bit. Your the best. Jamie
Excellent fun class, Leah! Do not have a barrel but used the fitness ball and a padded stool.
Loved the creative variations/surprises that I've never seen in any barrell class. I, however disliked the step aerobics moves in the middle of class that seemed un-pilates, and didn't really see a purpose for them. Just my opinion. I am still your fan though. Thanks for doing classes that aren't all prenatal. :)
Thank you everybody! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the class.

Thank you for your honest opinion, I really appreciate it! I have been experimenting with exercises and variations on the barrel and the "step-up" exercises are a new addition, so it's good to get honest thoughts. I must say though, that the exercise is really designed to challenge balance, stability and proprioception, as they are often objectives of mine when working with certain populations.

So glad that you enjoyed the class though!!

Wow.. Great a teacher... Love it...
Love your style of teaching and cueing, thank you for all the variations, love variations!!
Tina and Tracy!

Thank you so much! Glad you are enjoying the variations!

Take care,

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