Creative Spine Corrector<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 507

Creative Spine Corrector
Leah Stewart
Class 507

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Leah, you are fantastic teacher, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm & creative inspiring work! Love it!
Leah-That was amazing. Looking forward to playing around on the barrel myself before I teach some of this work to my Saturday morning class!
Another Amazing Class Leah !! Thank You :D
this is by far the most well done barrel class I have ever taken.
Your cuing is superb :) and it was fun to use the barrel for balance & awareness. Next Level 3 Please
THank you so much ladies!

It is so fun to play on the barrel and explore new variations!

I hope to do another barrel class when I return to PA later in the year!


Leah, just now discovering this class. Really loved the variations and the smooth transitions between exercises. You do such a great job of connecting TA and pelvic work. I will try many of these approaches with clients this week.
Thank u for a wonderful workout. I'm using the bosu and it works perfectly. Love every part of it. Great cues and flow. Will do it again. Love the side work and can feel it.
Holly and Leonard - so glad that you both discovered this class. I have a very deep love for the spine corrector and had so much fun with this class - it's such a feel good full body session.

Holly - let me know what your clients think.

Leonard - yes, the bosu will work beautifully and may even enhance some of the work.

Fantastic. Supportive, progressive cues. Creative and fun and invigorating. Thank you
Excellent class! Great work! :D
Michael L
Great class! Love the arabesque exercise! Thanks. Michael
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