Neck and Shoulder Release<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 5076

Neck and Shoulder Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 5076

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I feel like a new person. Thank you Nierdra. Everyone should do your videos!
Nath F
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Is a Bender Ball similar to a Yamuna ball?  Thank you. 
Thanks Niedra can’t wait to do it again!
Niedra Gabriel
Sue-Ellen B ,Nath F ,Summer G thank you for your posts, and I'm so glad you are benefitting from this work. Nath, I do not know what a Bender ball is, so just try it, and if you are getting benefits you are doing fine. 
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Niedra, you're always brilliant. Thank you!
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That was spectacular.  Like getting a massage.  I haven't done ball rolling for many years - have done roller.  This is amazing.
Niedra Gabriel
Susan R and Rachel L Thrilled that you both enjoyed this work.
Maria D
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Thank you Niedra for this class ! Are there any situations when this release is not recommended ? (for instance, people with cervical spine discopathy ?)  
Niedra Gabriel
Maria D this is a good question and please know that without seeing the client or really being present with the individual details it is difficult to give an exact answer.  When there is degeneration in the bone condition, softer balls are recommended as pressure of a gentle nature is good.  Use common sense with size and amount of movement.   Maybe partial motion.  Traction  (balls can provide this) is often helpful as most conditions are due to losing space and muscle and fascia getting dry and rigid. Think of it like having a pillow, you want the right size and support for comfort and then gentle motion. Hope this helps
Amazing thank you so much, I love your sessions ❤️
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