Psoas and Illiacus Release<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 5079

Psoas and Illiacus Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 5079

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Niedra Gabriel
Devin T M So glad you are enjoying this work and finding it meaningful in your own journey of health and wellness,
Many thanks for sharing your insights!
Destiny R
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I'm the one that went on and on about my piriformis being basically stuck.  I can release it but the pain always comes back.  Now- I'm noticing my hip flexor are knots.  Are these two body parts related? 
Niedra Gabriel
Destiny R yes yes yes, and Im laughing cause everything is actually related. I had a friend say her knee pain diminished when she opened up her chest! we are living in an interconnected system. You want to move through everywhere.  When  problem keeps coming back you have not discovered the whole chain... Looks like you are fining gold. Hip flexors are chronic problems in the modern world - enjoy enjoy 
Michele S
It seems the outside/lateral side of hip joint feels better and less tight and painful. It's a relief. Thanks so much!
Niedra Gabriel
Michele S fabulous to read your comment and Im glad you are getting relief for your hip with this work. 
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