Psoas and Illiacus Release<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 5079

Psoas and Illiacus Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 5079

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Suzanne D
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I loved this!!! Exactly what my body needed and needs.  Thank you Niedra.  I love your videos and style of teaching. 
Niedra Gabriel
Suzanne D you are so welcome.
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I love the yamuna-work.. - but you bring it into a more doable format. thank you Niedra! 
Niedra Gabriel
Silke L Thank you . Glad you're enjoying my "style"
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What a life saver! I knew Pilates anytime would have a video to help me release a painful tweak in my back and hips. The Psoas and  Illliacus routine worked like magic (excrutiating magic, but it worked!)  Thank you for this series, but especially this video. I am going to work these exercises into my daily life to keep my over eager tightness at bay. 
Niedra Gabriel
Drena F very happy to read your comment. yes, it is often that we need to release the back through the stomach and you found it! well done.  and now you know...
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Thank you! What a great release routine!
Ramona P
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After too many years of sitting through meetings and work, this is really going to help release the tightness I developed in my hip area. Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Ramona P yes, it will help - glad you feel the benefit.
Devin T M
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Niedra I am so grateful to have come across you as a teacher! WOW, this is the attentiveness to the body, mind & heart I have been seeking. Beautiful and can't wait to do more of your classes. :)
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