Day 1: The Essential Flow<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5088

Day 1: The Essential Flow
Laura Hanlon
Class 5088

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Carina H
I really enjoyed your cueing. Looking forward to the next class. Thank you, Laura
Thank you Carina H ! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed Day 1 of the challenge!
Well done Laura!   A reminder of the beauty of a well executed mat class !! 
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Great class, really enjoyed it. Wonderful cueing, pace and transitions!
Thank you so much Deborah Wasko ! 
Thank you for the kind comment Sandy Endo !
Dorothy S
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A cheery countenance, vibrant pink outfit, clarity, and concision made for a  lovely workout. Thank you so much!
Elizna L
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Great class, thank you Laura
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So very nice to meet you here Laura! The class flow was very good as where your cues. Looking forward to the remainder of your classes! 
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Some lovely transitions x great class!
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