Day 3: Strong Legs<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5091

Day 3: Strong Legs
Laura Hanlon
Class 5091

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loving this class.. and the band ideas are awesome
Annie R
Another great one - looking forward to rest of the week (and going searching to see if do reformer as well).   Thanks.
I'm enjoying this series. Thank you Laura.
Really enjoying your series, love the pace, a continuous flow without compromising cueing. look forward to the next classes. Thank you
I really enjoyed this wonderful class! 
What a great class and exactly what I needed as I work to recover fr injury and strengthen my hip! Thank you!
Lynn E
Great Class. Thank you. Excellent flow.
Thanks Laura!  That was a great workout with the bands.  They add a really good focus to the outer leg and glute muscles.  Thanks for your great queuing.
Another great class!
Awesome class again! Thank you!
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