Day 3: Strong Legs<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5091

Day 3: Strong Legs
Laura Hanlon
Class 5091

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Thank you Lauren, loving your classes.  So much clarity and perfect preparation.   Lovely, thank you 
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Thank you for your kind comment Mandy D ! I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying my classes!
Diane M
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Wow! That was a great class.  Thank you for the rigorous workout!
Especially loved the single leg/double leg sequence.
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What a great burn! I’m so excited for the new challenge each day! Lovely transitions! Thank you
Thank you Jennifer ! I happy to hear that you are enjoying the challenge! 
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Another great challenge!
Lina S
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As the name implies, a very targeted class! Nice pace, great cueing as always. A very pleasant class!
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Really enjoyed this….the booty bands really gives feedback and added challenge 
Great class Laura! I really enjoyed the controlled pace and skillfully planned sequence of exercises. Love the variations. Thank you!
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