Dynamic Full-Body Class<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5110

Dynamic Full-Body Class
Tom McCook
Class 5110

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Taghrid K
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 Woww  thank you so much Tom for a fabulous class. My body felt released, energised and aligned. I love all your classes, your energy, always feel I'm meditating in action. 
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Thank you Tom! Love the way you put the balls and the ring in the workout. Restoring and strengthening the whole body. Your cues are so helpful.
Taghrid K , Hung F, Thank you for your inspiring feedback with this new class! Enjoy and all the best!😊🙏
Nannette B
Thank you so much for this very peaceful and creative workout :) I feel so good in my body now.
Nannette B, You’re so welcome!! Thank you for your feedback, it’s great to hear you the benefits!!😊🙏
Amy S
I love the combination of The Franklin Method and Pilates:)
In the sidelying position , I was curious if you kept your slight jackknife position when you lifted  the 2 legs for the abd/add  work? 
And, how does the bone rhythm of the pelvic halves relate to the single kicks forward and back?
Katie M
Do you recommend a certain Franklin ball? Really enjoy your classes.
Amy S & Katie M , Thank you for your feedback! Amy the legs slightly forward is to support maintaining position of the lower back and the pelvic half acts as a “wheel” when kicking forward and back like walking. The sit one goes forward with the leg and backward with the leg. The tailbone moves opposite. This is the dynamic stability of the pelvis. Katie, I recommend the orange 4 inch Franklin balls, you can get the at OPTP.com.  Enjoy and all the best!😊🙏
Such a great class! Love the side bends and gentle neck stretches with the Franklin Balls! 
Mona S, Thank you, glad to hear you enjoyed!! All the best🙏
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