Dynamic Full-Body Class
Tom McCook
Class 5110

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Thanks Tom, nice combination Franklin balls and magic circle. The combination of applying pressure with the arms and movement in the legs gives a lot of stability in the pelvic area.The right force always gives stability, anywhere in the body, I really enjoy your classes!  
Sofie van der Sommen, Thank you and I fully agree. The activation adds useful tone to help maintain alignment and gives great feedback. I appreciate you sharing your experience!!😊🙏
Tom McCook, thank you for sharing this class! I really liked it!
Copycat , Thank you for sharing your experience!! Warm regards, 😊🙏
Thank you for another amazing class. My body thanks you. I love how your cuing and tips, they really help me open the stiff areas of my body. ❤️
Wonderful class! Terrific cuing, I love the way Tom incorporates Franklin Method
Deb R & Rachel P, thank you both for your thoughtful feedback! Enjoy and all the best to you!😊🙏
Thank you, inspiring and calming, loved it.
Susie S, thank you for sharing your experience! Warm regards,😊🙏
Another superb and well planned out class!  Pace, verbalization, and demonstration are excellent! Thank you Tom 😊 
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