Pilates with Hand Weights<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 5143

Pilates with Hand Weights
Kira Lamb
Class 5143

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Elaine O
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This was a really great workout, it made me focus intently on moving my body with control. Excellent cuing leading to good visualization. Thank you !
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Great to see you back Kira!,
Loved the use of the weights. Wonderful flow to the class. Wall work is super👏🏼
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Excellent, challenging class.  Thank you!
Bernadette L
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This was a great class with weights!  Thank you for the detailed instruction. I always benefit from details.  
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Thanks so much for another fantastic class, Kira!!! Loved your cueing. 
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Fantastic class, to the point, great use of the weights, and very clear instruction as always, thank you Kira!
Elaine O Thanks for working out with me!
Marissa Thank YOU!
Carla  Thank you!
Sharon C I always love working with PA. Thanks for taking my classes.
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