Hydration Mat Class<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 5147

Hydration Mat Class
Sally Anderson
Class 5147

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Sally Anderson
Lina S Great question. We go through all the reasoning for hydration movement concepts in our online hydration Course if you would like to go into more specifics (I've popped course link below). But in brief, think of twisting like wringing out a sponge - it squeezes out the old fluid and the cells/tissues then respond by filling up with fresh fluids.  Thank you for taking the class and glad you enjoyed it. Here is the COURSE LINK that will take you into more about hydration if you are keen 😊 
Thanks Sally & Andrew.  Really enjoying your hydration series & sharing these ideas with my clients.  
Sally Anderson
Charles Gemme So delighted that you are enjoying these and sharing them.  🤩 Thank you!
Michele P
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Thank you Sally! I love your class, felt so much better afterwards, and look forward to teaching these techniques to my students today. Lovely!
Sally Anderson
Michele P Yay! Hope your students enjoy hydrating with you 💦  Thanks for taking the class and love hearing that you feel good afterwards. 😊 
Lisa R
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Excellent session! I learned a lot and took a few notes! Thank you!
Sally Anderson
Lisa R Amazing to hear this, thank you! 😊 
Really enjoyed this class and series, feels great and plenty of inspiration too, thank you!
Sally Anderson
Louisa Harris Awesome to hear! Thanks for taking the classes and for your message. 😊 
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Great body wake up on a rainy day,thanks 
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