Intermediate Thass® Reformer<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5167

Intermediate Thass® Reformer
Lesley Logan
Class 5167

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Erin L
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Loved the workout!  That's definitely a weak area for me. 
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Really informative and fun. (And I discovered that my hams are much weaker on the left side. Yikes, but such a good discovery. Thank you!)
Erin L hey same for me! Its stronger now but took me awhile. Keep practicing and the connections will get there. Keep me posted xx~LL 
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Maggie R my left one too! And I totally thought when I broke my right leg that my left side would finally get as strong as my right...haha nope! Its definitely closer though so keep giving that left side some love and you'll see it improve xx~LL 
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Lesley - fun  class as always. Love your pace and cueing.
Lori M yay! I'm so glad you had fun! Thank you :) 
Susana A
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Found the class way to clow pace and would be helpful if the instructor advises what springs to use 
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Thank you! My brain & thass were both worked! 😂
Susana A I'm so sorry about that. While I do call out the springs mine are the same weight. I don't know what Reformer you are using but here's a guide 3-4 springs reds and greens. 2 springs 1 red and 1 green and 1 spring 1 red. Happy to chat more about if you need. xx~LL 
Amanda B woohoo! Love that you got both worked out! Thats awesome xx
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