Thass® Connection Reformer
Lesley Logan
Class 5167

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loved this class Lesley! I thought the pace was perfect, just the right amount of instruction to set up. I could follow along with springs and instructions well. Loved the variations on the classical sequence focusing on the butt connection. Thanks!
Amy Goeldner wonderful to hear this! Thank you so much for taking this workout with me :) xx
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Loved the class!!!  Loved her!!!!  Her personality was amazing.  She kept you enthused the entire class and I love these quick class when you need them and fun to connect two of them if you need.  Thank you.  
Gloria S woohoo!! this is music to my ears! thank you for sharing! And glad to hear you enjoyed connecting them together xx
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Love this! I have an overactive glute on my left side from when I had a broken bone in the foot, my right glute does not understand firing. This was really helpful! I can see where this helps the back and overall strength throughout the body. Thank you!
Heidi K yass! I'm so excited for you to have this awareness! Enjoy as often as that right Thass® needs a reminder :) xx PS my left one is similar but oddly it was my right leg I broke! 
 Lesley Logan This workout brought me back to me today. Thank you.
Kristi Cooper this brings me more joy than words can describe! Thank you xx
Took a last minute cancellation as a gift today instead of grumbling. This was my present. Finding the blessings in the craziness and also finding my Thass. 😊 thanks a bunch. Happiest New Year! 
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Amazing cues!  The cues made some of the exercises easier and some of them more challenging.  Great class!
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