Connect your Legs and Center<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5170

Connect your Legs and Center
Lesley Logan
Class 5170

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Thass - loved it! Thank you Lesley
Carina H
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Thanks so much for this class Lesley Logan ! This was eyeopening. I definitely did the necklace thing in rolling-like-a-ball ;) Looking forward to the next class.
Meg yay thank you for taking it! xx
Carina H happens to us all! Its a great way to know if you're working or not. Thank you so much for taking this class. I look forward to hearing how you connect more and hope you enjoy the next workout xx
Loved it. Loved the pace. Loved the commentary for clients to feel it. Just fantastic. Thank you
Kathy W
Super great and informative class, that Thass connection is a game changer! 
I loved the cues Lesley, thanks so much!
Pam S
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it would be helpful to explain what you mean by thass for those of us who are unfamiliar.
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I enjoyed your class. Thank you Leslie!
Norita wonderful! Thanks for taking! xx
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