Connect your Legs and Center<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5170

Connect your Legs and Center
Lesley Logan
Class 5170

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Fun, playful and different! Thank you Lesley!
Cathy S
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This class was fun and SO helpful!
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Thank you Lesley, that was so fun!  😃
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Loved this class Lesley, great cueing and fabulous energy. Look forward to your other videos in this series. 
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Lesley, thank you so much for sharing this!
Birgit N yay! thank you so much for enjoying it! xx
Cathy S yass! So glad you found it helpful! xx
@lorily awe thank you so much! xx
Jane E woohoo! I had so much fun making this series! Can't wait to hear how you like the others xx
Copycat a pleasure! xx
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