Postnatal Mat Reintroduction<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 520

Postnatal Mat Reintroduction
Leah Stewart
Class 520

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I am exactly 3 month post delivery, but I have had 2 c-sections, 13 months apart. I just did your video, and my hips feel like they don't even want to work anymore! I can feel that burn though, so it has to be working! Thank you so much!
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Leah. I wanted to thank you for both this session and the previous workout. Althougth I've not recently had a baby, I did have emergency abdominal surgery and lost all my core strength. Your 2 sessions helped me regain my strength and confidence is a safe way. Thank you
Your classes feel amazing! Thank you for your wonderful teaching -- it is helping me so much and a welcomed relief from a physically imbalanced day of taking care of two little ones. You are great!
Alison H
Great Class Leah,
you have a wonderful way of explaining and keeping pupil attention, great teacher!
This was great, thank you Leah! Your pre-natal classes accompanied me through my whole pregnancy until the very day of the delivery. Now - after starting with your other more gentle post-natal classes - I really enjoyed the challenge and getting back to some of my favorite pre-pregnancy exercises. However, I would not rate this 1 but at least 1/2 (given that the post-natal class right before this one is rated a 1/2 and this one is much ore challenging). I also did not find it too deliberate but quite moderate but maybe this is because I am still relatively early post-partum
Ladies - I am so sorry that I missed some of your comments after so long. I really appreciate your feedback, and I am so excited that this class helped you feel connected and strong in your postpartum body.

Great point with the rating on this class compared to my classes that are designed for the very early postpartum period. This class is definitely one of the more challenging of the postnatal series. I was 6 months postpartum when we filmed this class and when I was really starting to incorporate some of these exercises back into my Pilates practice - if that helps with your timeline a bit.
This was a great class-thank you! I am 4 months PP and found everything manageable except the 'rolling like a ball' and the 'hundreds' introduction. I look forward to working towards getting back into these exercises. Thanks for great explanations and commentary during exercises.
Leah I really enjoyed your teaching style and have learnt so much from this practice. Having also taught on online videos (for yoga) I know how tricky it is to instruct to a camera, but you are a natural! I'm 5 months PP and still suffering from pelvic girdle pain... Probably from having done way too much yoga flexibility work over the years! This Pilates has been a life saver in helping bring back stability and strength in my pelvis.
Leah, this class was AMAZING! I tried this class two months ago and I couldn't get past thirty minutes, and so continued practicing your other post and pre natal classes, and now I am seven months PP and completed this today can I feel great! Your classes have been so helpful in my return to fitness and just feeling good and embracing my PP body. Please please please can you do more late post party's classes, or recommend some in the Pilates Anytime repertoire that would be good for transitioning back to classical Pilates in the coming months?
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