Feel-Good Magic Circle<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 5214

Feel-Good Magic Circle
Mariska Breland
Class 5214

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sGracias por tu clase, para los nuevos hace que nos sintamos predipuestos a seguirte
John B
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This class was the most back-handed compliment to the Magic Circle! Loved it. 
Diane B
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good on a Saturday after a long week when the thought of exercise is not savory. Now I feel refreshed and like doing a little more.
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I love the creative use of the magic circle but I didn't need to hear about how it's normally miserable the whole time. I chose this class because I quite like this piece of equipment!
Jessica I find it personally quite miserable, which is of course just my personal take (which is echoed in many of the comments). But love is individual. I made this class both for people who don't like the circle to show that it can be lovely and to give its fans ideas of ways to use it other than holding it between your ankles doing the hundred, which makes my hip flexors scream. 🔥❤️
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Great new exercises with the magi circle, which I enjoy always … 👍🇩🇰 
Do you ever cue breathing pattern?
Dorthe V I cue breath when my client isn’t breathing, when I’m focusing on pelvic floor issues, or with clients who have issues with breath (which happens in some neuro conditions). But in general, I think breath is over cued and often creates dysfunction by people trying to control something that should happen naturally. ❤️
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