Creative Tower Variations<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 5220

Creative Tower Variations
Mariska Breland
Class 5220

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Super fun and really creative! I really enjoyed this class, especially the series in mermaid position 
Wonderful variations! I can see applications for so many of my clients.
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Thanks so much, really enjoyed that, will have to practice the pounce plank for more flow!
Fabulous! Thank you! 
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Me ha gustado mucho todas estas variaciones, que muy bien, puedo aprovechar para mis clases en las Springboard con mis alumnos. Muchas gracias.
Thanks Mariska!
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So, I absolutely loved the trust fall and tiger pounces! I probably won’t do them in a group setting though . Our springboards aren’t mounted to the wall. It’s a tower/reformer setup and I’m a little nervous about the possibility of them moving 😳! I tried the trust fall with a private client/dancer - and she did great. I put the loops through a black theraloop to make sure the loops stayed in place.
Fun class. I did it on my home Aeropilates 610 tower/ reformer and definitely had issues with the trust fall and the tiger pounces. I do not recommend on this type of equipment. It looks like a lot of fun on the proper equipment.
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Mariska, your creativity seems boundless! Thanks so much for another , outside the box, innovative, fun and always challenging pilates ish workout
Christine H I always make sure the straps are really secure, which sometimes takes adjusting between reps. Great idea on linking them as you did!
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