Full-Body Overball<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 5225

Full-Body Overball
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 5225

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Awesome class. Thank you.
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So juicy and yummy, thank you! Extension with the ball underneath ribcage and belly was awesome!
Jean W
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Wonderful class!!
Meira H
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Very lovely and relaxing!
Anne M
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Thank you so much, Sarah, for this awesome class.  The new variations on overall exercises are amazing!
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Really enjoyed this thank you 
Pauline E I am so pleased you enjoyed the ball on the belly.  Keep playing with it...so much good stuff.  Take care! 
Thank you Jean W,Gillian H and Meira H ! 
Thank you Anne M!  I am so happy you enjoyed these variations.  Have fun and tale care!! 
Thank you Kerry H !
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