Full-Body Overball<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 5225

Full-Body Overball
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 5225

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Another great class. Thanks Sarah.
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Thank you Sarah! I especially liked the ending squat challenge
Larissa L
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Always love your classes Sarah!
I think I will need to do this one again.  I found the standing foot on ball with lunge incredibly challenging.  Something to master!
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wonderful flow and progression - and voice. lovely class
Lina S
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I've really enjoyed your class. It was fun. We had time to explore, to stretch while working out. I don't have a lot of back extension. Having the ball on the sternum helps to better access it. 
Pippa B
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OMG! I thought that I had imagined every conceivable way to use the ball!  What a revelation this has been.  (Just know that on the east coast of England this week there will be Pilates participants huffing and puffing in dismay at new and exciting dimensions)  THANK YOU SO MUCH  for the inspiration x
Nannette B
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tank you so much! This was a lot of fun :) and yes: really new feelings with the good old ball...
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such a nice class, thank you sarah
So creative Sarah thanks. I love using the overball and there are some lovely teaching variations here. Great work!
yay! thank you Norita !!
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