Straightforward Reformer 3<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 5226

Straightforward Reformer 3
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 5226

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Michael Mary S
Love your classes; and this is especially nice.  You have such a great style of cueing.  Thank you.  I always learn something from you and appreciate your honesty when something is even "sticky" for you.  
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That was a great start to my day…I can breathe again
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I love the simplicity in your variations. Your voice is calm and soothing and inspiring. Your cueing is clear and concise. Wonderful class!
A Kind to my body workout - at 70 I want to enjoy my time; savour the stretch and work hard when needed!  You nailed it Sarah - another Favourite.
Liked these warm up movements for thoracic spine thank you Sarah
Hi Summer B! Sorry for the delay...technical difficulties.  Thank YOU for joining me.  Yay for new ideas.  Take care:) 
Hi Meg,  YES!  I love changing things up.  Always good to identify imbalances.  Thank you!!
Beautiful Aranka Y !  thank you:) 
Wonderful to hear Lindsay T!  Thank you:) 
Woot woot to new favoriteMimi W!  Continue to enjoy exploring imbalances.  Thank you! :) 
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