Total Body Reformer<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 5241

Total Body Reformer
Tracey Mallett
Class 5241

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Great feel good workou!
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Holy hamstrings! Thank you 😀
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I was a little confused with the curtsey on the box because I turned the wrong way at first. Had to rewind and watch closer. This class challenged my mind and body! Lovely work out, thank you Tracey!
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Fabulous workout!  Felt those hamstrings!  Thank you! We didn't do frogs with the left foot in straps. Paused to get that set in! 
Jen U
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Great workout!  Thank you!
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I think one leg frog with strap missed, but great class :)
Laurie G
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Tracy, thank you for a fabulous workout!  
Miri J
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I love a great workout with Tracy! I get excited when I see a new video posted! Tracy speaks so clearly and is very good at explaining the exercises. Her enthusiasm is contagious! 
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Thanks, Tracy.  Your classes are always challenging but so well cued, balanced and paced.  I feel fantastic!
Annie R
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Another brilliant Tracy workout.   You are fabulous!!!
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