Mat Mayhem<br>Misty Lynne Cauthen<br>Class 5290

Mat Mayhem
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 5290

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I love it when the class is great and the instructor makes me giggle.
thanks for another great class
Paige L
Love this class! Thank you!
Lina S
Creative use of the ball (tendon stretch, teaser, climb a tree). I've really enjoyed the class. Thank you!
Patricia C
Love the class ! Thank you Misty🌻
Hi Misty Lynne, this was a wonderful class! Thanks so much! I loved the creativity and the different exercises with the ball, your slow pace and precision and especially your fun comments! Have an awesome day! Greetings from Germany!
I loved this class. The tendon stretch and climb a tree are fantastic
Excellent class, thank you!
Loved this class. Thank you!
Lesley M
Always have a smile on my face when I’m doing your classes. Very enjoyable stretchy one.
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