Resistance on the Mat<br>Alycea Ungaro<br>Class 535

Resistance on the Mat
Alycea Ungaro
Class 535

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Thank you Alycea! I love your laugh and I love that pilates can be fun and effective.
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awesome class! loved every minute of it, thank you!!
Ann S
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This is one great class...great cuing, fantastic visuals, unique but simple concepts...I loved this class and can't wait for more. Alycea, thanks sooooo much for sharing!
Thank you ladies. I still enjoy teaching after all these years - it's the highlight of my day. Susan - my laugh gets me in trouble sometimes - alas!
Just lovely! I agree, all the cues just really connected so well. Nice flow.
Marlisa E
Great class! I had to keep starting and stopping to make notes...awesome!! Always good to find ways to feel "familiar" movement in an entirely new and deeper way. Thanks!!
I enjoyed this class and you so much during your visit Alycea. You got me to challenge myself in a way I hadn't in a long time. It was tough, simple, and totally invigorating! Thank you!
Fantastic! Loved the resistance in the exercises and such fun teaching! Great
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I enjoyed this class and have added to my list of favorites. I"ve used some of your cues in my classes with astonishing results. Thank you so much. There in nothing like taking a class from a terrific teacher to inspire one's own teaching. Thank you PA for everything you do for us!!
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