Resistance on the Mat<br>Alycea Ungaro<br>Class 535

Resistance on the Mat
Alycea Ungaro
Class 535

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As a childbirth professional I talk about the three P's. (Pelvis, Passenger and Power) Alycea's class has so many more P's that that! Perspiration, Perseverance, Patience, Psyche, and Personality. Thanks so much Kristi for introducing us to so many great teachers.
I totally agree with all the above, love love the laugh, to make Pilates fun and accessible to us all is so great! Thanks so much Alycea, am going to try and make the retreat!
This one was hard! I loved it!
I want to go on that retreat sooooo badly!
Alycea's Pilates Retreat
Kristi I want it too-but I am sooooo far away!!!Great class!
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A great very challenging class. Brilliant cues and use of internal resistance. I was once told that Pilates is the art of making simple movements difficult and this class illustrates this. Many thanks.
Wow! I'm thrilled to be on the receiving end of such warm and positive feedback. What's most thrilling is the level of expertise that is obvious from these comments. Pilates Anytime is clearly not just for the amateur Pilates student! Great job Kristi - this site is defined not only by it's content but by it's audience! Clearly the experts are both on and off the site! Can't wait to come back again.
The door is always (wide) open for you Alycea! Come back anytime!
Thank you! Loved the class and it shows me how lazy I am a lot of the time.
Wow! I love the energy, the pacing, the insight. Thanks Alycea for re-inspiring both my Pilates practice and my Pilates teaching.
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