HIIT-Style Mat<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 5357

HIIT-Style Mat
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 5357

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Saphira B
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Thank you for the great class! I like the HIIT movements - it adds an aerobic dimension to a pilates workout and wakes the body up!
Judy P
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Great!  Like the bone density focus!
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Awesome job.  Great tips on bone density and I loved the break down of the burpee with the deep hip stretch!
Anne M
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I have to admit HIIT was my least favourite form of exercise until today but this class is so fun!!  Thank you, Sarah.
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Love your energy Sarah! Thanks! Nice and quick and fun!
Meira H
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Nice and energetic class. Loved it :)
Hi Saphira B, Thank YOU!!  
Hi Judy P, YES!  we need to keep our bones strong.  Thank you:) 
Hi Bee W, I am so pleased that this quick up and down workout worked for you.  Thank you!
wonderful Anne M !!
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