Get Moving Reformer<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 5427

Get Moving Reformer
Niedra Gabriel
Class 5427

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You have to love a class that challenges you in a safe and supportive way.  This is the one   Thanks  I needed this class today.  I feel more committed to doing the difficult.   
Niedra Gabriel
Amy Preusser this is wonerful! go for it. 
Katie M
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great class! enjoy your zest an energy!
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I love the airplane 
Agnese G
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I did your class twice and it was amazing, It felt so good, tanks a lot Niedra
Michael Mary S
Love many of your stretch options.  Thank you.
Niedra Gabriel
Katie MElizabeth DAgnese GMichael Mary S thanky ou all for your comments. Im always happy to know the videos are enjoyable or educational for those watching, or doing them.... Keep moving ! your body will love you.
Nikki S
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Loved your energy! Great class!
Kate A
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I really loved the ‘practice’ exercises to get a feel of the activated muscle groups. Thanks for the great cues!
Niedra Gabriel
Nikki S and Kate A thanky ou for your comments. Glad the practice " pre pilates" set up helped activate the muscles. I always like setting up the body prior to working out...
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