Quick 20-Minute Mat<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5454

Quick 20-Minute Mat
Lesley Logan
Class 5454

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Jen U
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Wonderful!  Thank you!
Jen U yay!! thanks for moving with me! Happy new year xx~LL 
Tiffany T
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Perfect speedy sweaty goodness! Thanks 🙏 
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Thank you!! I love your mat class and how you do it. Would love more of them on the mat. Thanks, All the way from Cape Town😊
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Love this class!  I can't believe you masterfully gave all those options in such a short time.  Please do another express class:)
Tiffany T woohoo! That was my goal! xx~LL 
Sulene Hello Cape Town! I've got several Mat classes on here from years past. I hope you are able to give them a whirl. Thank you for taking this one with me! xx~LL 
Kay L woohoo! This is so awesome to read! And I am so happy you loved it and want more! xx~LL 
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ohhhhh Lesley, great quick workout!!  always love working out with you 🤩. super fun, quick and a bit sweaty 😆
Courtney G
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Hey Leslie!  Quick and to the point...love it!  Looking forward to more Pilates this year with you!

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