Arm and Back Connection<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5457

Arm and Back Connection
Lesley Logan
Class 5457

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Lesley - you are awesome and beautiful and the theme, feeling the arm-back connection, makes now total sense to me! Great class! Only- you are sooo fast! I stopped here and there to really feel it and rather do some slower repetitions.  Thank you!
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Great class and great cues.  The class was a little fast paced so I also stopped and paused it so I could catch all the great cueing and helpful tips.
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beautiful teaser :)

Silke L Awe thank you so much for your feedback! Yes, I do like to keep my classes moving. I'm thrilled to hear you took time to pause for your own personal practice. And I hope you come back. The more you do it the more you can find them at different paces. x~LL 
Kimberly R Thanks for taking class with me! It is a zesty paced workout. But I love hearing when people hit pause to repeat or do more reps of an exercise. Also if you come back to try it again you can check in with yourself around exercises you slowed down for to see if your practice needs that pause again or if your connections stuck. Way to honor your practice xx~LL 
Diana A Thank you!!! 
Brandie D
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As always this is fantastic! The 10 minute tutorial was super beneficial to compliment. Heard some new cueing that "landed" for me and love how you execute.
Brandie D yass! Love reading this! Thank you for letting me know. Excited to hear how you use it xx~LL 
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Thanks Lesley for this brilliant class connecting arms and back love the technique. 
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Rachel thrilled to hear you enjoyed it so much! Hope you like the next class that goes along with it xx~LL
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