Day 3: Standing Mat Flow<br>Tash Barnard<br>Class 5467

Day 3: Standing Mat Flow
Tash Barnard
Class 5467

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Maria P
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Awesome sequence- very useful and challenging movements for everyday balance as well as warm up for athletic activities. Tash is a real inspiration!
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Fabulous.... Maria hit on the nose --- useful and challenging movements.  I modified where needed.  Yes, very useful for athletic activities as I am a cyclist and pickleball player.  Excellent cueing Tash.
I loved day 3! I’m all warmed up and ready to stand tall and even today. I’m joining you from Cappadocia, Türkiye 🇹🇷!
Taghrid K
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Woww fabulous and challenging class, I really loved the functional standing work of day 3. Thank you Tash, Lots of love from AD
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Excellent exercises for balance. I had to use a chair at times to help myself keep my balance. I will definitely do them again and again to improve my balance. Thank you Tash! 
Saphira B
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Terrific way to stretch and strengthen the hips and legs.  This is one I'll want to repeat to try and master. Thank you.
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I especially liked the standing mat routines on this day 3.  Still can't quite roll from back roll into squat without a push from the  hands, but love trying.
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Amazing class! I was super challenged by the standing pulses. Will have to come back to this one to see if my stability has improved at all. 
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Fantastic class, loved the balance challenges.  Rolling to a squat definately needs some practice!   What a challenge!
Shona Croft
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So challenging!  Tash you’re so strong and I need to this single leg series again! Fantastic!!!!
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