Day 3: Standing Mat Flow<br>Tash Barnard<br>Class 5467

Day 3: Standing Mat Flow
Tash Barnard
Class 5467

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loving this challenge ❤️
Eeeeish ! 💪🏼
Angie H
Whew! I've got some balance work to do! Used my gondola pole for support on the single-leg series, but I'm definitely coming back to this one to measure my improvement. Great quick sweat sesh!
Kieron W
New to pilates, but glad to have taken on this challenge. I look forward to mastering these sequences and thank Tash for provided the motivation needed for continual progession!!!
Oh boy that was a hard one!
Daniela  M
Incredible, feel amazing! Thank you
Tash Barnard
Maria P 
Come alive!  Thank you for the feedback Maria xx Let's do it again xx 
Tash Barnard
Janice M 
You're the fit one - respect !  How fun - pickleball has just hit our South African shores!! WELL DONE Janice xx 
Tash Barnard
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Patricia Quayle Wickman 
Come alive!  This makes me so happy!  Well done Patricia!
My hubby and I actually had a trip planned to Cappadocia the year of the pandemic, we were booked into the Henna hotel - i'm so fascinated with your city and really hope to get there oneday xx 
Tash Barnard
Taghrid K 
I'll be in Abu Dhabi for a day's teaching at Pilatio 29 january - hope to see you xx 
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