CSI for Your SI Joint<br>Michael F and Ton V<br>Class 5491

CSI for Your SI Joint
Michael F and Ton V
Class 5491

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Kay S
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Another fun and effective class. Thank you Michael and ton
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Ton and Michael, what a fun, creative and effective class. THANKS
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Ton and Michael, thank you.  Perfect work, nice education, nice exercises. With love from Slovakia.
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Thank you all for your feedback. We enjoyed creating it and teaching it. 
Aria D
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Great to have a class specifically for the Sij. It’s a hard one to work on! This was great!! 
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Very thoughtful program. Thank you!
Satya Harmonie
loved it! the exercises were so unique and creative! felt perfect 
Gitta E
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This class was so great and just what I needed today. Thanks!
Maria P
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Extremely educational workouts. Please keep them coming!
Nancy H
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Love this, plus the other videos you've recently posted on Pilates Anytime. Please can we have more. 
You were missed last year at Development Weekend in London. Wasn't the same without you. Hope to see you there for the next one!
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