Powerful Aligned Reformer<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 5519

Powerful Aligned Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 5519

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Love this class. Just what I needed on a Monday morning. Would you mind explaining what you mean by ‘plug’ the shoulders? It’s not a term I’ve heard before. Many thanks.
Elena S
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Sarah great class thank you! X
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I really appreciate the gaze shifts and balance challenges in this class. As I inch closer to 50, I’m more inclined to want to work on these things for prevention purposes. Thanks for incorporating these into your more recent classes, Sarah.
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Great class thanks for the reminders to keep your shoulders down on the mat.  And thanks for the balance challenges!
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This initially  isn’t a “challenge” for the muscles, it’s brain. And somehow that brain confusion, engages the muscles.   LOVED THIS so much.  Fastest 40 mins in awhile. Thank you!. 
Hi Jo, plug the shoulders is a funny cue!  Simply, I am asking one to be mindful of keeping the shoulders on the back body  with head of the humerus(arm bone) feeling as though it is sitting in the joint. One can explore this idea when lying on back by reaching hands  and arms  as high up as possible.  Let the chest round froward and shoulder blades lift away from mat with energy through hands. Then, allow shoulders to settle to mat and arm bones settle in joint.  It is this feeling I am hoping to inspire with the cue plug the shoulders!  Hopefully this helps :)  Thank you. 

Elena S thank you! 
Stacey S YES! Having recently crossed over 50, I am continuously exploring how to keep my brain and body connected.  Eye gaze related to continuation of fascial chain is pretty amazing.  thank you so very much for playing!!
Mary Ann P you are welcome.  And Thank you for playing!!
Kim F mission accomplished!  thank you for taking the time to write. take care:) 
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