Inside Bone Health<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Workshop 577

Inside Bone Health
Rebekah Rotstein
Workshop 577

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Thank you Rebekah and PA for this fantastic workshop! As a Pilates Mat instructor and with my own diagnosis of Osteoporosis, I am so thankful for Rebekah's expertise in the field. Great teaching of bone concepts and application to specific exercises.
I am interested in taking this class but I was wondering if I need to have 3 hrs available at once to take it or can I break it up? Thanks
Jodie, great question! The workshop is in chapters and so you can do it in sections as well as you are able to pause and resume if you need to take a break. It is a great workshop with so much great information. Enjoy!
Thanks Mandy. I have another question once I pay and take the class will it always be available to me if I need a refresher?
I have the same question as Jodie. Will the class be available to me if I need a refresher?

Suzanne Herzog
Jodie the workshop is yours for as long as Pilates Anytime is in business (a long time if things go as planned ). You can return to the workshop as often as you like.
Yes Suzanne. The workshop is yours. Come and go as you please.
Hi, I've paid for this workshop and it shuts down on me after 15 minutes. It's fully loaded but then will jump back to the's been happening with all the classes and now the workshop- can someone look into this for me? Thank you!
Thanks Kristi, I will sign up for this workshop. I love Pilates Anytime. It is a great learning tool.
Dear Alana, I have sent you an email to help resolve the issue that you are experiencing. I will help fix your issue. Best wishes John.
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