Inside Bone Health<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Workshop 577

Inside Bone Health
Rebekah Rotstein
Workshop 577

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Great workshop Rebekah! Wish I could have attended in person, but so thankful this is available online. Great information! Very useful for myself and my clients. Thanks!
are these classes for instructors only...or for students also.
Esther - the information is certainly useful for non-instructors as well. The 2nd hour uses equipment but also includes exercises you can do anywhere! Thanks everyone - glad you're enjoying!
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Thank you so much for this workshop! Would appreciate and soak up and and all special pop workshops PA can muster up... Would love a scoliosis workshop, a hip/shoulder/knee replacement workshop!! I love this platform of information!!!
Thank you!
Hi John, i am having the same problem as Alana, 15mins in it stops for all videos. Could you please help.
Dear Robyn ~ Sorry to hear that you are having problems. I will email you directly and we can troubleshoot the issue.
Esther ~ The class is designed for teachers, but I believe there is a lot to learn for everyone on this subject. Some of the technical information related to the bones may not be very interesting, but I don't think it is particularly difficult info to understand. workshop. I would be interested to hear what you think. I personally think everyone needs the information Rebekah offers in this workshop.
Could you send me the same email. I have the same problem that Alana is having with it shutting down on me. It happens immediately when I open in Google Chrome and sometimes when I open in Internet Explorer but not as often.
Hi please can you tell me if you do hip abduction for clients with osteoperosis? I have asked in so many workshops, and no one has given me a definitive answer. Thanks Robyn
Hi Robyn, I definitely do hip abduction for clients with osteoporosis. I'm sorry you've been unable to get a clear answer before. The gluteus medius and minimus stabilize the pelvis, provide important hip mobility (and medial glide to the femoral head) and offer tensile (pulling) forces to the femur that are needed to keep the bone strong. Hope that helps and thanks for asking!
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