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The Pilates Path to Health
Gary Calderone
Discussion 594

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Thank you Kristi for the care you took in holding the vision that Pilates is more than exercise. Your dedication to 'something greater' as an outcome in a Pilates experience, as a possibility, is relevant and evident in healing. This book is a marker of how Pilates is adapting and serving a 21st century world.

The book provides a bridge between teacher and client toward meaning, purpose and integration of the work we do together and discern distinctions toward transformation that Pilates may bring about in an individual and the impact that may have in the world. So, I invite your questions or comments and if you have read the book, your interpretation of the ‘unspoken benefits’.

Thank you for being part of the exploration!
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As a dedicated yoga student & teacher of 12 years who's fallen head over heels (sometimes literally) for Pilates over the past 2 years, I found this interview extremely interesting to watch. So much of what you say Gary rings true for me - it's wonderful to hear it being said that the two worlds of yoga & Pilates are really, in their ultimate aims, not apart.

I feel that there is not yoga & Pilates (or any other form) but rather simply movement, the material body, & the person doing and being aware. I'm convinced, as an ideal, that a skilled teacher should have the knowledge & ability to aid students in choosing and performing the right movements correctly & consciously so that they may find balance & health, never mind the name of that movement or form. Who knows if I will ever understand the human state well enough to be able to offer this to my clients but certainly this is my aim. Pilates is proving to be an incredibly important part of this journey.
Thank you Kate for being the first to toss your hat in the ring! I applaud your journey and the depth of your inquiry. Looking to what is similar, rather than dissimilar is the path of least resistance in your combined practice, and with that said, perhaps a perceptive way to see ourselves in the world.

Either practice, as you implied, without a label which can negate it's very essence, has a kinship to help breathe the body and create a harmonious relationship with gravity. Both seek a unification of body, mind, and spirit that can point an individual toward a return to purpose, passion, and vitality.

Your 'aim' to be of service to your client's, with the intention you hold... is enough.
The book is there to bridge the gap between how and why we do Pilates and to fortify the message you choose to send.

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What an interesting interview. It really brings out the ideas in the book and expands on them. It was useful to see the interaction between 2 Pilates instructors demonstrating the practical in examples. The interview showed the interconnectedness between the client and teacher.
It brought to mind the saying “No man is an island”. We really need that relationship to connect to reality – the reality of a quality in life. Just thinking positively won’t due, there has to be a doing the positive and Pilates is one of those positives to bring out a better outcome in life.
It reaffirms Joseph Pilates’ philosophy of life.
Thank you Laura. Gary and I could talk about the interconnectedness between client and teacher as well as Pilates and life for days. Glad you enjoyed it.
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While watching this interview, it brought to mind the idea that together, the student and teacher embrace the challenges in the physical Pilates material, but now we are asked to search, through Gary Calderone's book, for the multiple perspectives that deepen the work. Is is sometimes only a small shift in awareness that brings the greater depth of pathways into the material and then we see the infinite possibilities in regard to wellness.
This book, this interview, opens up the mind to greater thinking possibilities, especially for those who believe the Pilates repertory connects body and mind, and thus connects health and wellness. Lee Cooper
Thank you Lee for your insight into what is possible with Pilates when viewed beyond the physical material and through the relationship between teacher/student. The challenge may be to recognize (as discussed in the book) what may not be discussed, yet experienced, in a Pilates experience and the intention of JHP ‘s work as a vehicle for conscious change, health sovereignty, and self reliance which can change the character of health and wellness.
A quote, found in the book, from Deepak Chopra comes to mind, "Every experience comes to us in one of four ways: a feeling, a thought, an action, or simply a sense of being. When an experience is so powerful that it motivates people to change the whole pattern of their lives, this is called an epiphany." Pilates can be a turning point for many as we assist them in shifting their pattern toward living a life they love.

I am a new member to Pilates Anytime, so I am a bit behind in viewing the plethora of information on this website. I have taught what I consider "traditional" exercise classes for over 30 years (I am 59), and then I decided to delve into the art of yoga a few years ago. While I liked it, and taught it, I didn't care for the rigidity of the workout...then, I found pilates...and wow...there it was the perfect blend of movement and synergy in a form that I love to teach. Whether I use classical piano music or rock out in a routine, I feel that the class is built on intention, dedication, and a love of body movement. Thank you for this interview and thank you for Anytime Pilates. It always leaves me inspired and is my go to for any questions I may have.
Welcome to Pilates Anytime Nancy! Thank you for your feedback. This book offers a view of how anyone can step into the real significance of change through the practice of Pilates to assist their ability and adapt to an ever changing and evolving world. The book holds dedication and intention as pathways to reach our potential through 'unspoken benefits' realized in the Pilates experience. The book also speaks to the powerful relationship between teacher and student.
Thank you for renewing my beliefs in Pilates. I wish I could give everyone in my classes a copy. Namaste
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