The Pilates Path to Health<br>Gary Calderone<br>Discussion 594

The Pilates Path to Health
Gary Calderone
Discussion 594

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Thank you so much, Gary!!!
Thank you Heather for taking the time to watch. Thanks for all you do in making a difference in the world!
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Thank you Gary and PilatesAnytime for this interview.
Pilates found me around 2.5 years ago, broken and depressed, constantly in pain (Pes Cavus, L5/S1). Pilates has been instrumental in a profound transformation of my being and life, that I needed to have a certain conversation about it. Despite everyone going on about the Spiritual  aspect, I found people reluctant to talk about it. I'm not a teacher, but I started going to Pilates teacher symposiums to find this conversation and never really did. This search led me to Gary's book which is the conversation I needed to have. Why is this not standard reading in the world of Pilates? Why are we still skirting around the Real Healing Power of Pilates? Do we need to expand our understanding of what trauma and healing mean, and what Pilates is really capable of? Thank you Gary, I am deeply touched by your work. It is through Pilates that I found the healing power of real self love.

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Hi Keren, We apologize for the issue. Our tech team is working on it and will notify you once the sound is working properly.
Thank you Keren for your interest. That interview was awhile ago yet very relevant and pertinent to gain a deeper perspective of the reach our work has in the world, perhaps now, more than ever. Humanity needs the awareness we bring to their rising up.
Noelle, thank you for being a caretaker of the torch. Let the flame burn bright! 
Tanya D
I really enjoyed the interview and would like to read the book. Are there any still in circulation ?I did found one on amazon for $987.25. That’s a little much for me. Thank you!!
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