The Pilates Path to Health<br>Gary Calderone<br>Discussion 594

The Pilates Path to Health
Gary Calderone
Discussion 594

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Reformerchick..Thanks for the affirmation and holding the vision that Pilates is more than exercise.
Beautiful..I love the interaction Kristi that you have with everyone you interview. Its as if you are sitting in your living room just having a chat with a friend. Gary...thankyou for sharing and for me i found myself sitting, nodding to myself with your insights and experiences which makes someone like me sitting millions of miles away feel very connected with like minded teachers. It can be such a lonely life when your a teacher with a passion but to listen to your interview i felt very connected. Thankyou..your story of synchronicity made me smile because its so true when you are open to the manifestation that can happen within the universe.
Thank you S Keane! I always say these discussions are among my favorite nuggets of content on PA and I'm thrilled to know that others still go back and look at what these brilliant teachers have to say. Thank you for sharing your feedback here.
Thank you S Keane for restoring my faith that teachers like you are out there..listening. You are present to your intent that the work you do and those that are touched by it, will impact the world. Thank you for holding the vision to fruition. It will happen!
Dear Gary and Christy,
I found your conversation by coincidence, and I am so glad I did! I love to watch Wendys Videos, and because I liked what Gary commented, I looked for him, to see if he is giving any classes on pilatesanytime.. So I found this and clinched on your lips! ( I hope thats the right word.., otherwise, sorry) I was really fascinated, because this way of looking at pilates and what it does for each of us, - if we are open for it, is what I hope to transport in my teaching. I know I am not there yet, but rolemodels like you will help me to find my way! I am so grateful for this, I can`t tell you how much! As a teacher I often feel rushed by all the different expectations of my clients, - at least in bigger groups, that I loose the intention I had when I prepared the class.
Thank you! Thank you for leaving us all with the treasure of your book!
Thank you Silke! Among the general public, Pilates is mainly seen as a method of exercise just aimed at fitness. But those who really know Pilates realize that it is much more than exercise -- it is a path to comprehensive health in body, mind and spirit. In short, Pilates is meant to be transformative. I created my book in order to address a widespread misunderstanding about the nature and value of Pilates. I know you care about this concept as well.
It is hard to hear Kristi in this interview. I hear Gary fine but Kristi seems to be positioned too far from the audio set up/ Cant hear her questions/comments.
So glad to have found this interview with Gary on Pilates Anytime, ( sorry it took me 2 years to find ) . First time I heard Gary present was at my very first Pilates conference, ( at least 15 yrs ago) I was a newly certified teacher and it had been a long educational process for me as somehow I knew in the back of my mind how powerful the work is and I was hungry to continue to learn and add depth to my work, understanding of course that that would take years and hours of practice, none the less I was excited to be at this conference but also very intimidated. As I listened to Gary then and as I listen now he is real, somehow familiar so un assuming and welcoming.. thank you Gary for then and thank you Gary for now what you bring forth for us!
Thank you Sharon for the fond memories and your gratitude for this present moment.You are never to late to deepen your understanding of what you bring to the world with the work you do.The book is a reminder to that end. Thank you for holding the vision!
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