Wunda Chair Variations<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 633

Wunda Chair Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Class 633

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Niedra Gabriel
Hi Laurel, I know someone moderates this forum and as this is way out side my personal technical know how - someone else will sort this out. Good that you mentioned this so the technical Gods can do their magic...
Thanks Niedra! I ended up doing your other Wunda Chair workout so still got your fabulous teaching. :)
Dear Laurel, I have emailed you directly so that I can help resolve your issue. Hundreds of people have watched this class without any problems. The support challenge is that everyone's computer is slightly different.
thanks, this was a great workout. I enjoyed the challenging variations very much.
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Absolutely love your cues style and pace, a real professional!!
Thank you Niedra
Thank you Niedra. You are a favorite on Pilates Anytime. We need more PP teachers on PA.
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The video goes black frequently but I can hear the sound ,there is no picture . How come it does that? I am using my ipad.
pilates2013~ This occurs when your internet connection isn't strong enough to continuously support video so it switches over to just sound. I would try watching the class in a different location with stronger Wifi and see if that helps.
Love! Beautiful class and great encouragement.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Anna, I am just now seeing all the comments on this class so thank you everyone. I LOVE the chair. Anna - are you the teacher who referred your student to me in ojai? thank you , if you are .
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