Spirited Mixed Equipment<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 660

Spirited Mixed Equipment
Niedra Gabriel
Class 660

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Amazing class!!! Thank you :)
Ted Johnson
Very cool to have all the apparati in one class. I think this is a first for PA.
Excellent¡¡¡¡ Love it, thanks so much, more like that ...
Great Workout. Have been looking for one that uses all the equipment! Thanks!!
Wow, you are amazing! Thanks for such a great workout.
Epic! Niedra, I love all your classes - fabulous sequencing - you rock it every time!
Complete coordination of body, mind and spirit! Nice little surprize with the flying eagle, I've never seen it being done with the roll down bar.
Reiner G
Short question. Niedra says she does the Reformer work on a Gratz Reformer but the description says Balanced Body. Which one is true?
That was a Gratz reformer
Ted Johnson
Hi Reiner, we need to fix the programming on our website which automatically fills in Balanced Body. It is a Gratz.
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