Spirited Mixed Equipment<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 660

Spirited Mixed Equipment
Niedra Gabriel
Class 660

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Susana, Julian LIttleford and Michael King agree with you. Both are scheduled to film a little something on the ladder barrel within the next month.
Such a FABULOUS workout! I love your cueing, I love the mixed equipment work and the classical technique. PLEASE Niedra bring another advanced mixed equip class to Pilates Anytime. I am now inspired to do a similar workout with my clients. Bravo!
What a fun balanced workout!
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Gail, glad you enjoyed it - I am just now reading all the comments and will be doing another mixed equipment session next time we film.
You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
wow, amazing. Did you do all the chair exercises on two springs on 4?
Niedra Gabriel
Yvonne, thank you for your question _ I just looked and I am really not sure , as this was filmed 5 years ago, and I was on a balanced body chair and it looks like 2 springs on the inner hooks. I really cannot answer your question without testing the spring tension on my body - which is what I do when I work in studios with equipment I am not familiar with. Best answer would be for you to work on "your chair": and adjust the springs the way you are used to configuring them for execution . enjoy the creativity.
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