Spirited Mixed Equipment<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 660

Spirited Mixed Equipment
Niedra Gabriel
Class 660

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Great class, looking forward to see more classes from Niedra.
Beautiful and fun. Love the footwork on the reformer and leg work on the chair!
Wow! I loved every aspect of the class, the use of multiple pieces of equipment and the flow of movement. Would love to see more classes using more than one apparatus. Fun!!
That was just beautiful. Niedra, you move so symmetrically, evenly, that it is so inspiring!
Very nice workout. Inspiring! Thanks Niedra.
Loved the class! Very inspiring! :)
Great class. It was nice to see a mixed apparatus class on PA. Incredible flexibility. First time I saw flying eagle with the bar.
Great class! I wish there were more ladder barrel classes!
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Excellent class!!! Beautiful execution, as well. I absolutely loved the use of multiple apparatuses! Niedra's enthusiasm is for the method is so genuine and it shows with every exercise. I can't help but smile as I watch her. :)
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