Cadillac Workout
Karen Sanzo
Class 669

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Thanks Karen,
Your verbal descriptions and the whole workout was amazing. This workout is new and wonderful.
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I loved this class! New innovative ways to do what we teach every day. Hope to see more classes by you soon!
Karen that was great! Thank you
Thanks for all the feedback. And....There are more coming. What a great venue to share many thoughts and ideas.
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Am going to try the lesson now after watching it, Wow is not ample for the ease is which Karen makes this back bend look. YOU LOOK amazing!
A backbend was a goal of mine for a long time. Patience became part of my own practice. I am currently working on wrist/forearm connections; as that is an area where folks can get "stuck" too. Glad you liked it.
There's the Karen I know and love! Great work!
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Inspirational, as are all of the classes on Pilatesanytime. I love the quality of teaching and all the attention to detail. :)
Great class.
LOVED this class! Enjoyed the foam roller section, felt so good. The opening and build up to backbend was great, a little scary but fun doing the lift with the bar. I too look forward to more classes from you.
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