Mat Basics<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 670

Mat Basics
Karen Sanzo
Class 670

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LOVE! Certainly not just for beginners. It's a simple routine that has me really focusing on engaging my core properly. So fantastic for me as I work to rehab my abs after having a baby. I will definitely be returning to this one.
Amazing class. The cueing is so good. I can just listen and follow instructions, no need to actually watch it. Very good. Thank you.
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This was so much fun to go back and do while stuck at home. Thanks for all the inspiration!
Arleen T
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Absolutely loved...thank you! 
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This is a great wake up session, especially when you're feeling bit stiff early in the morning - Karen explains things so well - thanks
Karen Sanzo
an oldie, but definitely a goodie and one of my favorites.

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Hi Karen, just getting back to Pilates after ventral hernia surgery. It’s so great to know I can come to your classes and slowly and safely recover my old strength and flexibility. You are a gift and I am grateful for your teachings.
Sandra A
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A wonderful class. Clear cues that made me engage my core and get into postures safely. Thank you.
Karen, thanks again, it’s great to have you teaching me.
Nicole S
The cueing was so fantastic.  very effective. Thanks. Loved this class. 
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