Mat Basics<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 670

Mat Basics
Karen Sanzo
Class 670

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Love love LOVE Karen!

btw, freezing for me around 29:00. even at lower quality. I've noticed these things get ironed out tho, after they've been up awhile.
hung up there for me, too. And I was really curious what was going to happen for that exercise, it was new to me!
I just checked it at 29 and it ran fine for me. I'll pass it on to Ted to see what he can make of it….
I too just had the workout freeze for me around 28 minutes. I hope this gets worked out.
I love all of the modifications of the basic exercises! Sometimes I feel a beginner workout can actually be the most challenging to teach because of the many various body types or physical ailments of your students that you may have to work with, so I really appreciate Karen's extensive knowledge of the human body and how it moves. I especially love the kneeling position for spine stretch forward instead of bent knee position... very enlightening! Also, the little neck work at the beginning is great... gotta give the neck some love and attention too! Love this workout!! I learned a lot and will definitely re-visit this workout at least a few more times! Oh yea... and yay for a great workout with no teaser! :o) (The video didn't freeze for me, so it must be fixed.)
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Dear Miriam, Pegggggy and Khatwoman ~ I have sent you an email with some suggestions about how to solve the issue you may have experienced.
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Karen thank you for such a smart class! The mind-body connection was totally there for me with the simple, precise cuing. PA thank you for all the wonderful instructors you've brought to us, but I'm really enjoying the perspectives of Karen and Brent Anderson.
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Love Karen's cueing, also froze for me at the beginning of side plank. Looking forward to seeing what's next.
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Dear Jill ~ I have sent you an email with some suggestions on how to fix this problem.
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great video, it also froze on me at the side plank and that was on low quality and all bufferred... any suggestions for a fix would be great as would love to see the end..thanks in advance
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