Beginner Traditional Mat<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 674

Beginner Traditional Mat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 674

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Good class. Loved it. Now I know what you meant by about the 20 minute routine that you mentioned at the end of Class 10 in the beginners series. I will practice this often. Any recommendations after we get this mastered?
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Thank You Niedra ~ Perfect transition cueing ( As Usual )
short & sweet :)
Short and sweet. Would have liked to see more with the band. The prop listed was theraband. We only did ONE exercise with it. A bit bummed.
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I liked the new (to me) transition from right 1/2 teaser to left 1/2, and from full teaser to the next one, too (made me giggle so i lost it but still). :) Thanks for another great set, Niedra!
Thank you! I'm new to Pilates Anytime. Great intro and reminder as to why I love Pilates so much. Will be doing this one often as it fits well into my busy schedule!
My expresso.! Thanks!
This is a great, concentrated way to wake up and brighten the body-mind in 20". Thank you Niedra!
Thank you a great way to wake up.
Didn't get far in this one. Beginners/level 1 people cannot to rollups!
Karen ~ You may find this tutorial by Niedra or this tutorial by Kristi helpful for your Roll Ups. I hope they help!
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