Beginner Traditional Mat<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 674

Beginner Traditional Mat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 674

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Niedra Gabriel
Karen, the tutorial may help as well as bending your knees and using your hands to hold them to help you roll DOWN, you will gradually soften and loosen up so as to also roll up
Great video when you don't have much time to get your practice in!
Niedra Gabriel
I totally get that there is such a need for short workouts. Thank you for your post Erica.
how refreshing it is to see one member of the class who is a real person learning the techniques with their own variations.... instead of "anorexic ballerina who robotically mimics the instructor" type of people that i've seen in many of the videos
Glad you feel refreshed Pilates Tot... Given we don't cast our videos, I'm sure the person/people you refer to will assume you mean some one other than themselves. I hope so.
First class I take with you, Niedra, and I really liked it! Nice fun transitions... I'm definitely going to check more classes of yours.

Also, thanks to the student, Debbie - it's nice to feel identified with the student there in terms of level and difficulty, sometimes once feel incredibly clumsy trying to imitate the teacher being here alone at home... So thanks to you both :)
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Zambian for your post.
Keep on working out with PA there are so many good classes - you can only get better and better.
please don't " feel clumsy" !
we all have our moments and even the most advanced people have them too... we even fall of the equipment sometimes....
Sonia M
This is a great class! However I experience tells me that a beginner doe snot have the core strength to do a rollup let alone open leg rocker!! But I definitely will enjoy a good full body workout :) Fabulous!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for sharing Sonia, I love that you are so well trained and work with seniors as well - you much be fabulous and your photo ROCKS. Beginners come in all packages and levels of intro ability so this is of course a grey area, and some beginners can and some beginners cannot do these exercises!
Even labeling the class on the website is grey...
I tend to push the envelope with my students ... Glad you enjoyed .
Thank you! Perfect way to start the day
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