Foam Roller Stabilization<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 675

Foam Roller Stabilization
Niedra Gabriel
Class 675

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You are a great teacher. Always excited when I see you are teaching another class on
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Just done my first class and I love it.
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I thoroughly enjoy every class that Niedra teaches!!! Thank you.
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Niedra, can I ask what you mean by narrow the hips. Is it squeezing the adductors or drawing outer hips to midline or engaging the obliques or all of the above?
great class!
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Jude, we have just been upgraded here to help us stay in touch with tthe comments on the forum, very helpful to me, as I like to answer qeustions - and due to my lack of awareness I am only seeing your question now.
Narrowing the hips is tricky and not - have a look at an anatomy picture of hte pelvice and hip sockets and imagine taking the leg bones where they connect into the socket and presss them further into the joint. So yes, you are using both the adductors and the out hips to do this ( in contrast to tightening the buttocks) narrowing the obliques is good but really slightly different location. what this shoudl do is connect the legs and pelvice, allowing he tail and sacrum to get longer and provide a lock to lift the spine out of.
Hope this helps?
Good explanations...i followed very well except the last part of coming up and down on the foam roller...that was impossible..i kept rolling from side to side and off the roller..and butt hurt really badly trying to roll up and down....maybe as I get stronger I'll be able to figure out how to do this...
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Pilates Tot, yes, rolling up and down is pretty challenging and most people cannot do it at first. Don't over force yourself and only come up as far as you can, also keep full hands on the floor as it will take time to get the inner calibration of your trunk adapting to the move. Some of this is like riding a bike, you cannot really figure it out with your head, you just stumble onto movement and balance - so give yourself time.
I keep coming back to this short class again and again. Really good stabilization and abdominal work in just a few minutes time!
Niedra Gabriel
Kristine, you just made my day with your post! I LOVE knowing that you find this little workout useful for fast tune ups. Thank you!
This was a lovely little class to set the pelvis into a healthy position for the day, and my poor overworked hip flexors are grateful too – thank you, Niedra Gabriel!
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